Eng Women beat NZ women by 203 runs in the 5th ODI

On 26th September 2021 in the 5th ODI, the match existed as England Women vs New Zealand Women Series 2021. The match commenced at 11 on the Sunday morning of 26th September. The umpire of the women’s cricket match was Philip Whitticase. 

England Women vs New Zealand Women schedule was hatched in the St. Lawrence Ground in Canterbury, England. The end of the match was much more interesting than you could have thought. Not only did the match surprise the audience but the players were also left stunned. 

England Women vs New Zealand Women Series 2021 began with a toss between both teams. The toss was won by New Zealand Women and the team closed to field instead of batting. And so the match proceeded and England Women were given the batting while the New Zealand team was on the ground fielding. 

England women established a target of 347 runs in 50 overs. The team lost 5 wickets while establishing the target for the opposing team. The England women’s team performed extraordinarily and on the other hand, the New Zealand team too was battling with courage. In the other half, New Zealand turned up for batting. 

The other half turned the match towards the England Women Team. There was a necessity of 204 runs in 90 balls. Lea Tahuhu was the last player batting and lost her wicket. New Zealand was all out and they scored a total of 144 runs in 35.2 overs.

England won the England Women vs New Zealand Women Schedule by 203 runs. England Women’s performed extraordinarily and ensured good runs and defeated the New Zealand Women’s with a huge disparity. 

Teams Wickets taken by the team Overs completed Runs Scored
New Zealand  5 England Players 50 144 runs scored
England  New Zealand All out 35.2 347 runs scored


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