Keeping up with Experience: Barbados Tridents Confirm Retained list Ahead of CPL 2021

Barbados Tridents has formed its most reformative structure as a cricket team for upcoming Caribbean Premier League and one of the key points of its improvisation is the retention of its players for the league this year. Moving forward with the stretch of the idea that the participating teams in CPL 2021 have already made their selections based on the parameters and strategies they have been imposed upon by their team expertise and performance, Tridents have commemorated a group of nine players who were immaculate survivors of the team in CPL in 2020. 

Although Barbados Tridents have peculiarly introduced diverse debut members in the team, the familiar faces contribute to the core of Tridents’ squad. Jason Holder, West-Indie’s all-rounder, is making a comeback to the Barbados Tridents retained list 2021, who is, then, followed by fellow domestic players from Barbados such as Joshua Bishop and Kyle Myers. This list goes on to restore more potential by selecting Hayden Walsh Jr., who became player of the tournament in the year of 2019, when Tridents won CPL, the same year. 

With an approximate coverage of over 500 million spectators in CPL 2020, the speculations have been taking a toll on the participating teams and this have been induced through drafts of CPL 2021 as well as the rebranding of the Barbados Tridents to Barbados Royals in CPL 2021. With franchises bringing modifications at the front, Barbados Tridents players may benefit from the intrinsic bonding and experience of the players placed in Barbados Tridents retained list 2021 as their in-depth evaluation and criticism would further contribute the team to reach a new level of excellence. 

On the note of criticism, Tridents being the first-ever CPL team to zone out in semi-finals in their defending title, there has been strong conjecture around the appointment of Trevor Penney as Head Coach for the team. In the same course of argument, the mundane performances by Tridents in previous seasons also perpetuates scrutiny for Barbados Tridents player retained list in CPL 2021. Yet, Captain Holder, being one of the come-back contingents, has assured great excitement for the campaign to begin in St. Kitts and Nevis, on August 28. 

The instalment of statistical members who have had an earlier reflection for tournament’s ups and downs would also contribute to define the progress of Barbados Tridents players when both former and debut players are put within the same perimeter of performance, altogether, in upcoming CPL 2021. With eight vacant slots still pending to be proposed in further announcement ahead of CPL 2021, this decision has an immense possibility to lead the anticipations in positive direction for the Barbados Tridents in CPL 2021.    

As per the drafts presented to public, following are the players selected in the Barbados Tridents retained list 2021, as representative cricket team of Barbados:

  • Jason Holder (Captain)
  • Hayden Walsh Jr.
  • Raymond Reifer
  • Johnson Charles
  • Kyle Mayers
  • Joshua Bishop
  • Nyeem Young 
  • Justin Greaves
  • Shai Hope  

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