Hero CPL Joins Hands With Sportcor To Feature Kookaburra Smart Ball

Hero Caribbean Premier League or Hero CPL 2021 schedule has been announced and the news from inside is use of Kookaburra Smart Ball by partnering with Sportcor. This fine-quality smart ball will be used for the first time in this tournament when the teams of Hero CPL will clash in St Kitts and Nevis on 26 August. 

The look, feels, and overall appearance of the Kookaburra Smart Ball is similar to the regular ball. Apart from the use of ball-tracking or radar technology, there are many data points that make this ball revolutionary on the pitch. 

These smart technology balls will release data on the speed, spin and bounces of the ball after every delivery to the batsman. The commentators will receive these data in real-time for convenient interaction with the audience. The fans will enjoy the graphical representation of these data on the live telecast. 

Excerpts From Their Conversation

“We are really excited for the cricketing tournament to start with these balls, and the technology is mind-blowing. We really want to see the best action display of the Kookaburra Smart Ball by Sportcor, the official Hero CPL partners. We are sure these balls will add value to this great event of the sport.” Says Pete Russell, CEO of Hero CPL 2021.

The Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Michael Kasprowicz, said: “We’re more than happy to join hands with Hero CPL 2021 to bring the revolutionary Kookaburra Smart Ball, powered by Sportcor, into the pitch of cricket. With the real-time bowling statistics and data, we aim to bring our fans closer to the real-time action while ensuring the coaches and players get new insight into their performances. This is a new way to enhance the overall experience of cricket.”   Get all the latest sports news including tennis, cricket, table tennis, olympics and football only on Pure Win News.

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