Hero CPL Joins Hand With Rario To Offer Exclusive Cricket-based Digital Collectibles

Rario, a cricket-based digital collectible platform, has announced a partnership with Hero Caribbean Premier League. Rario will be offering collectibles of significant moments. It will include moments from the current season as well as the last eight seasons. It is an excellent way to save memorable instances from the ravages of time. Fans will be able to claim ownership over their favourite moments of the Caribbean Premier League Teams they support. 

CPL’s Unique Innovation

The founder and CEO of Rario, Mr Ankit Wadhwa, feels delighted about this partnership. He is proud to usher in the new era of cricket fandom. The partnership will ensure that the demand for cricket-based digital collectibles increases. This is a revolutionary attempt to give the fans an enriching experience in a tangible manner. The fans will get the opportunity to interact with the game in a way like never before. The founder and CEO assured that the collectibles would be available all over the globe. 

The CEO of CPL, Pete Russel, said that innovation has always been on the front seat of CPL. He feels delighted to venture into the NFT space with a groundbreaking partnership. The passionate fans will hold a piece of action of their favourite sporting moment from CPL. Both CPL and Rario are excited about this new partnership. 


Digital collectibles have become immensely popular among different fandoms. The cricket aficionados all over the globe are looking forward to holding a piece of cricketing history in their hands. Meanwhile, check the Caribbean Premier League 2021 Schedule and do not miss any of the matches. 

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