CPL Welcomes Pakistan’s Asif Khan

The path towards CPL has been opened for Pakistan’s Asif Khan after St Kitts and Nevis Patriots declared on Thursday that they had got him under their wing. The pinch-hitter will be donning the jersey of SKN very soon, and the Caribbean Premier League 2021 Schedule has already been announced. The news was announced through the Patriots social media platform, where the franchise welcomed the power-packed hitter to their side. 

What Did St Kitts And Nevis Patriots Have To Say? 

SKN has expressed their thoughts by saying that they are beyond happy to have Asif Khan play for them for the upcoming CPL 2021 season. They are stated that they are looking forward to seeing him rain sixes across the entire Warner Park. But there is a big reason to include Khan in the team. He is replacing South African cricketer Rassie van der Dussen. 

Few Words On Asif Khan

Being the brand-new CPL 2021 Draft player, Asif Khan has contributed heavily for his national side. His power-packed batting skills have helped Pakistan obtain victory in many of the games. Apart from that, he is currently one of the team’s key players and is also in excellent form. People are looking forward to seeing him at the 2021CPL and how many runs he can put up on the scoreboard.  

The Caribbean Premier League will begin on August 26th, 2021, and all six teams are gearing up to catch the title. SKN [St Kitts and Nevis Patriots] will surely depend on Asif Khan as the hard-hitting Pakistani cricketer has the power to battle under pressure. He can surely hit a few boundaries or even sixes within the first half of the match and help the team gain victory. 

Final Thoughts 

So, are you ready to see Asif Khan perform? You surely are! The Pakistani cricketer is currently in good form, and SKN is lucky to have him on their side.

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