CPL 2021 New Rules: 10 rules of Caribbean Premier League that you should know- check out

The authorities of Hero CPL 2021, in agreement with St Kitts and Nevis health authorities, have announced a set of protocols or rules for the attending fans. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in the air, quite literally, all of the fans must work together with the set protocols. That will ensure the safety and smooth running of the matches. These protocols listed below will be strictly enforced, but the experience will be pleasant for everybody with cooperation. 

  • All adults need to prove their vaccination status to enter the stadium. Only fully vaccinated entrants are allowed.
  • The fully vaccinated visitors must follow St Kitts and Nevis arrival protocols and procedures about the testing and quarantine procedures. Every compliant visitor will be treated well and can attend all the matches of Hero CPL 2021.
  • A fully vaccinated adult must accompany any fan under 18 to access the stadium seating area.
  • Visiting fans must provide contact tracing information at the point of purchase to avoid mishaps.
  • Hero CPL encourages fans to purchase tickets online and in advance to avoid queues and overcrowding at the box office due to the contact tracing data entry.
  • Fans are requested to arrive early at their respective gates so the gate staff can verify vaccination status.
  • Along with their COVID-19 vaccine card, the fans need to bring a valid photo ID.
  • Supporting fans of CPL 2021 teams with government verified vaccine photo ID cards could gain access to the fast-track entry.
  • The match stands used for the matches will be used only up to 50% of its capacity.
  • Masks are a must at entry, and Hero CPL encourages fans to wear them throughout the match.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located around Warner Park for the use of fans.
  • Fans are expected to be responsible and avoid close contact where possible.

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