2021 CPL Season: Four Lessons Teams Can Take From Single-Site Island Games

Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Caribbean Premier League has been forced to start its 2021 season in a single place. Since 2020, this will be the second time for the Caribbean Premier League to be in a single place. 

As stated by the league, the eight clubs are supposed to travel to Winnipeg, where they are to start the 2021 CPL seasonThis season is supposed to begin on June 26th. Here they will be safe and secure since the environment will be isolated from the outside world, thereby minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infections.  

The clubs are supposed to play eight matches to put the games in progress. This way, they will be able to return to their home markets to go on with the season as soon as the bubble ends on July 24th.

The CPL 2021 season format will differ from the 2020 league, but there will still be some similarities. The clubs were able to learn a lot from the 2020 league, and they are willing to put into work this season at the very beginning of it. As Forge FC coach Bobby Smyrniotis said just after winning against North Star Shield in PEI, the 2021 CPL season will probably be the challenging season for the players. 

Here are some of the few tips the CPL teams picked from the 2020 games; 

Survival for the fittest

In the 2020 league, some teams had a difficult time dealing with the injuries. For instance, Cavalry FC had a rough time after their attack, and midfield players were out of the game by the end of the second round. 

Because of this, the teams headed towards the 2021 CPL season may find the need to look ahead and ensure they are ready to maintain the same energy throughout the season. For instance, Forge has entered the season in full force to ensure that the competition will go on rather than decline due to fatigue. 

Learn to adapt

Isolating the teams together may lead to the players knowing each other. But if the players familiarize themselves with the opponents, suffocation of football may happen. Because of this, the coaches will have to be innovative. 

In 2020 Bobby Smyrniotis admitted after the games that when scouting the teams, one can spend a lot of time with them. Because of this, you can pick up on their tendencies, but you will need to be unpredictable. 

Trusting the Kids

The teams will need to trust each other, especially the young players. These players are talented, energetic, and hungry for a chance after being away from the matches. If given the opportunity, they can shine and make a significant contribution to the CPL teams. 

Depth is key

Having a deep squad is the key to adapting to injuries and fatigue from every game. You probably have seen the CPL games changing drastically even at the last 10 minutes of the game. But the teams can impact players who can enter into the game to change the pace of things. 

Stay tuned for more about the CPL 2021 teams and players. 

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