Copa America 2021 Schedule: Brazil vs Venezuela in opener, Rio to host final on July 11

The CONMEBOL (The South American Football Confederation) finally released the schedule of the 2021 Copa America after deciding to move it to Brazil from Argentina and Colombia. The tournament was moved to Brazil because of the rising coronavirus cases in Argentina along with political unrest in Colombia as well as a spike in coronavirus cases.

Brazil, who also hosted the tournament in 2019 and this time around, was chosen because of its experience of hosting big tournaments before. The tournament will be played across four cities from June 14 to July 11. The home side will kick the tournament off with a clash against Venezuela in the opener and it will end with the final on July 11 in Rio.

The four stadiums to host this year’s rearranged Copa America in Brazil are — Mane Garrincha Stadium (Brasilia), Arena Pantanal (Cuiaba), Maracana (Rio de Janerio) and Estadio Antonio Accioly or Estadio Olimpico de Goiania (Goiania).

Brazil are the defending champions of the tournament as they defeated Peru 3-1 in the final two years back at the Maracana Stadium in Rio. Uruguay have also won the most number of Copa America titles with 15 trophies to their name. Argentina are second with 14 while Brazil are third with nine.

Here is the full Copa America 2021 schedule:


Match 1: Argentina vs Chile (June 15) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 2: Paraguay vs Bolivia (June 15) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 3: Chile vs Bolivia (June 19) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 4: Argentina vs Uruguay (June 19) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 5: Uruguay vs Chile (June 22) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 6: Argentina vs Paraguay (June 22) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 7: Bolivia vs Uruguay (June 25) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 8: Chile vs Paraguay (June 25) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 9: Argentina vs Bolivia (June 29) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 10: Uruguay vs Paraguay (June 29) – 5.30 AM IST.

Group B

Match 1: Brazil vs Venezuela (June 14) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 2: Colombia vs Ecuador (June 14) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 3: Colombia vs Venezuela (Juen 18) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 4: Peru vs Brazil (June 18) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 5: Venezuela vs Ecuador (June 21) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 6: Peru vs Colombia (June 21) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 7: Ecuador vs Peru (June 24) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 8: Colombia vs Brazil (June 24) – 5.30 AM IST.

Match 9: Ecuador vs Brazil (June 28) – 2.30 AM IST.

Match 10: Venezuela vs Peru (June 28) – 2.30 AM IST.


Quarterfinals: July 3-4 (2.30 AM IST, 5.30 AM IST and 3.30 AM IST, 6.30 AM IST)

Semifinals: July 6-7 (4.30 AM IST and 6.30 AM IST)

3rd place: July 10 (5.30 AM IST)

Final: July 11 (5.30 AM IST)

The Coronavirus notwithstanding, we look forward to some amazing play-offs and on-field antics. Watch out for this space! 


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