Chepauk’s win makes road to playoffs difficult for Lyca

This recent match between the Chepauk Super Gillies vs. Lyca Kovai Kings had a tough outcome. With the Gillies winning the match by 9 wickets, the Kovai Kings will now have a harder time securing a playoff spot. The TNPL 2021 match was played at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai, where the Chepauk Gillies showed good form and won the match 159/7 to 123/9. 

The Gillies have Rajagopal Sathish to thank for their win. The cricketer helped rally his team’s efforts to clinch the win while the bowler matched his momentum to ensure all went their way. For instance, Sai Kishore and Harish Kumar took 2 wickets each a piece, but the whole bowling department was very crucial in this game.

The Kovai Kings came into the 2nd innings as the favorites; however, just like the Gillies, they soon found themselves in trouble. Shahrukh Khan, captain of the losing side, noted that his team needed to work on their batting which was what let them down. Things got worse when they lost Kavin, Sai Sudarshan, and Mukilesh. Sridhar Raju tried his best, but his 22 of 24 was not good enough to keep them in the game. He, too, caved to the pressure the Gillies were putting on them and departed. Khan, the captain, was left in no time with the lower half of his team, and he chose to take the match matters into his own hands. However, much to his and everyone’s surprise, he miscued a full toss into the hands of his opponents, an act that ended all hopes for his team. 

The 2021 TNPL is a truly intriguing tournament. Check the TNPL points tables.  With the way things are, you can’t take any game lightly as it can affect your standing. That’s something the Kovai Kings found out the hard way.

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