BCCI Agrees To More ICC Events In The Next Cycle To Have A Longer IPL Window

Sourav Ganguly, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), is reported to have agreed to ICC’s (International Cricket Council) suggestion of having one ICC event per year. This deal is said to have been made in exchange for ICC, allowing a bigger window for the IPL (Indian Premier League) season as from 2022.

The IPL is set to expand from the current eight teams to 10 teams as from 2022. This expansion will lead to more matches being played, increasing the number of matches from the current 60 to perhaps 76 or 90. Had the BCCI and ICC not reached an agreement, the extra time needed to play these IPL matches would have conflicted with the ICC calendar.

Ganguly had earlier taken the position of “less is more” He had outlined this stance in 2019 while speaking to reporters at CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) offices, days before he took office. “Sometimes less is more in life. So we have got to be careful with that. And the football World Cup happens every four years, and you see the madness. That’s a decision the ICC has to make. I’m not in a position to talk or comment on it. As and when I get an opportunity to be a part of the discussion, I will speak,”

This initial approach by the BCCI has been revealed to have been a bargaining chip to push for a more extended IPL season. BCCI, CA (Cricket Australian), and ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) were opposed to increasing the number of ICC events and reintroducing the Champions Trophy, but the three boards have reversed their decisions and sided with the ICC. This was revealed in a report by Cricbuzz.

In the ICC general meeting held on June 1st, the ICC decided to have an ICC event every year in the next FTP (Future Tours Program) cycle. This is good news to cricket fans as they will have more international matches to watch their favourite players in action.

It’s a double win for Indian fans as they look forward to watching the expanded IPL from 2022.

As per a statement in The Times of India, tender documents for the two new IPL teams will be ready in August this year. Strict regulatory checks will follow this before the bid opening in October. Various prominent conglomerates are rumoured to be interested.

Stay tuned for the latest updates after the BCCI agrees for more ICC events in the next cycle along with news about the new teams in ICC.

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