Tamil Nadu Premier League 2021 Teams & Squads: TNPL 2021

Tamil Nadu Premier League 2021 is ready to play on July 19 after a delay due to COVID-19. 8 teams will participate in the competition– Chepauk Super Gillies, Lyca Kovai Kings, Dindigul Dragons, Trichy Warriors (formerly Ruby Kanchi Warriors), iDream Tiruppur Tamizhans (formerly Karaikudi Kaalai), Siechem Madurai Panthers (formerly Madurai Super Giant), Salem Spartans (formerly Tuti Patriots), V B Kanchi Veerans (formerly VB Thiruvallur Veerans).

Tamil Nadu Premier League 2021 Teams

Team City Captain
Chepauk Super Gillies Chennai Kaushik Gandhi
Lyca Kovai Kings Coimbatore Abhinav Mukund
Dindigul Dragons Dindigul Ravichandran Ashwin
Trichy Warriors Tiruchirapalli Baba Indrajith
iDream Karaikudi Kaalai Karaikudi Srikkanth Anirudha
Siechem Madurai Panthers Madurai Rohit Damodaran
Nellai Royal Kings Squad Nellai Baba Aparajith
Salem Spartans Squad Salem Vijay Shankar


The (TNPL) Tamil Nadu Premier League is an occupational franchise cricket league that is managed by  (TNCA) Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. Ever since its establishment in 2016, the TNPL (Tamil Nadu Premier League) has been very famous among fans. The 20-21 edition of TNPL is going to be the 5th. There are an overall 8 franchises that take part in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

TNPL 2021 (Tamil Nadu Premier League) Squads

Chepauk Super Gillies Squad

Player Role
B Arun Bowler
S Vijayakumar
Rajagopal Stahish All-Rounder
R Ajith Kumar Bowler
RS Jaganath Srinivas Bowler
V Santhana Sekar All-Rounder
Manimaran Siddharth Bowler
S Sujay Batsman
S Harish Kumar All-Rounder
V Arun Kumar Bowler
H Prasidh Akash All-Rounder
R Sai Kishore – Traded Bowler
Narayan Jagadeesan Wicket-keeper
V Sai Prakash All-Rounder
M Kaushik Gandhi All-Rounder
R Alexander Bowler
U Sasidev All-Rounder
Sonu Yadav – Traded All-Rounder
D Rahul. All-Rounder
Sandeep Warrier All-Rounder
R Nilesh Subramanian Wicket-keeper
S Radhakrishnan All-Rounder


Salem Spartans Squad

Player Role
B Praanesh All-Rounder
S Abhishek Batsman
Akshay V Srinivasan All-Rounder
Murugan Ashwin All-Rounder
S Boopalan All-Rounder
Daryl S Ferrario All-Rounder
M Ganesh Moorthi Bowler
KH Gopinath Wicket-keeper
TD Lokesh Raj All-Rounder
G Periyasamy All-Rounder
S Shubham Mehta All-Rounder
U Sushil Wicket-keeper
M Vijay Kumar Batsman
Vijay Shankar All-Rounder
Washington Sundar All-Rounder
G Kishoor G Batsman
A Aarif Wicket-keeper
M Suganesh All-Rounder
Abhinav Vishnu All-Rounder
A V R Rathnam All-Rounder
R Karthikeyan All-Rounder
Karthikeyan R All-Rounder


Siechem Madurai Panthers Squad

Player Role
R Mithun All-Rounder
V Gowtham All-Rounder
PS Nirmal Kumar All-Rounder
NS Chaturved All-Rounder
P Praveen Kumar All-Rounder
B. Anirudh Sita Ram All-Rounder
KB Arun Karthik Wicket-Keeper
R Rohit All-Rounder
R Aushik Srinivas Bowler
J Kousik All-Rounder
DT Chandrasekar Bowler
V Aaditya All-Rounder
R Silambarasan Bowler
M Shahjahan All-Rounder
K Deeban Lingesh All-Rounder
Varun Chakravarthy All-Rounder
L Kiran Akash All-Rounder
Jhathavedh Subramanyan All-Rounder
K Rajkumar All-Rounder
P Sugendhiran All-Rounder
P K Saravanan
B Rocky All-Rounder


Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans Squad

Player Role
S Dinesh All-Rounder
S Manigandan Bowler
R Rajkumar All-Rounder
S Mohan Prasath Bowler
S Siddharth All-Rounder
S Aravind All-Rounder
Maan K Bafna All-Rounder
P Francis Rokins Batsman
K Gowtham Thamarai Kannan Bowler
Aswin Crist Bowler
Tushar Raheja Batsman
A Karuppusamy All-Rounder
M Mohammed Bowler
Dinesh Karthik Wicket-Keeper
N Mohammed Ashik Wicket-Keeper
M Affan Khader All-Rounder
Adhithya Giridhar Batsman
L Sathiyannaarayan All-Rounder
S T Natarajan All-Rounder
R I Raaj Kumar All-Rounder
S Ashwin Balaji All-Rounder
M Rooban Raj Bowler


Dindigul Dragons Squad

Player Role
K Vishal Vaidhya All-Rounder
S Arun All-Rounder
Advaith Sharma All-Rounder
R Suthesh Bowler
S Swaminathan All-Rounder
L Vignesh All-Rounder
R Srinivasan All-Rounder
RS Mokit Hariharan All-Rounder
S Lokeshwar Wicket-Keeper
C Hari Nishaanth All-Rounder
C Ashwin All-Rounder
MS Sanjay All-Rounder
V Lakshman Bowler
K Mani Bharathy Wicket-Keeper
AR Siva Murugan All-Rounder
Ravichandran Ashwin All-Rounder
R Vivek All-Rounder
M Silambarasan. All-Rounder
Gurjapneet Singh All-Rounder
R Vimal Khumar All-Rounder
S Kishan Kumar All-Rounder
S Vigneshwaran All-Rounder


Nellai Royal Kings Squad

Player Role
H Trilok Nag Bowler
CH Jitendra Kumar All-Rounder
Sanjay Yadav All-Rounder
V Athisayaraj Davidson Bowler
T Ajith Kumar All-Rounder
M Abhinav All-Rounder
NS Harish All-Rounder
Pradosh Ranjan Paul Wicket-Keeper
S Sharun Kumar All-Rounder
Baba Indrajith All-Rounder
Ashwath Mukunthan All-Rounder
L Suryapprakash Batsman
S Senthil Nathan All-Rounder
Arjun P Murthy All-Rounder
M Sarath Kumar All-Rounder
R Rohith Ram
A Sarathraj All-Rounder
T Veeramani All-Rounder
R Sri Neranjan All-Rounder
R Vivek All-Rounder
C Suresh All-Rounder
Aparajith B All-Rounder


RUBY Trichy Warriors Squad

Player Role
Akash Sumra All-Rounder
ME Yazh Arun Mozhi All-Rounder
M Poiyamozhi All-Rounder
Rahil S Shah Bowler
S Santosh Shiv All-Rounder
W Antony Dhas All-Rounder
Aditya Ganesh Wicket-Keeper
Nidhish S Rajagopal All-Rounder
R Ganesh All-Rounder
Sumant Jain All-Rounder
Muhammed Adnan Khan All-Rounder
P Saravana Kumar All-Rounder
VP Amith Sathvik All-Rounder
G Hemanth Kumar All-Rounder
K Mukunth Batsman
G Karthick Shanmugam All-Rounder
B Rahul All-Rounder
Sunil Sam Bowler
M Mathivanan All-Rounder
R Karthik All-Rounder


LYCA Kovai Kings Squad

Player Role
P Shijit Chandran All-Rounder
J Suresh Kumar Wicket-Keeper
J Gowjith Subash All-Rounder
K Vignesh Bowler
GR Manish All-Rounder
R Kavin Wicket-Keeper
G Aravindh All-Rounder
V Ganga Sridhar Raju Batsman
U Mukilesh All-Rounder
Abhishek Tanwar All-Rounder
MA Atheeq Ur Rahman All-Rounder
N Selva Kumaran All-Rounder
Ashwin Venkataraman Batsman
B Sai Sudharsan All-Rounder
Nishaanth Kumar Alwar All-Rounder
Shahrukh Khan All-Rounder
Thangarasu Natarajan Bowler
S Ajith Ram Bowler
E Srinivasan All-Rounder
K Kiran Kasshyap All-Rounder
S Anandakumar All-Rounder
V Yudheeswaran All-Rounder


Chepauk Super Gillies and Tuti Patriots both are amongst the most successful TNPL teams. Both teams reached the finals together in the first two editions with Tuti Patriots winning the first time whereas Chepauk Super Gillies winning on the second occasion. In the 3rd edition of 2018 was won by Siechem Madurai Panthers.Keep it here for more on these and other stories.

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