Steven Smith’s Elbow Problem!

It Is Clouding His T20 World Cup and Ashes Build-up

Steve Smith is among Australia’s best batters. As much as he has displayed outstanding results in his career, the journey has not been easy. Steve has faced many ups and downs, especially being demoted from captaincy for twelve years. He has faced an elbow problem which will cloud the T20 World Cup and Ashes build-up. This is not the first encounter with Steve Smith’s elbow problem, since he had the same issue in 2019, and it required surgery.

Earlier this year, he suffered the same elbow problem ahead of an upcoming match before participating in the Indian Premier League. The problem has now become severe after participating in six matches for the New Delhi Capitals. Despite the issue, Steven cannot predict whether he will be back in shape earlier or not. Following Steve Smith’s upcoming matches, such as the T20I World Cup, he said that he could not tell how serious it is or the time it will take for it to get better since it is a problem that has re-occurred.

As much as he is suffering from the elbow problem, the board still has hopes for him and believes that he will get better and participate in the T20 World Cup and Ashes. He will take position 4 in the Test match and battle number 3 in the T20I World Cup if things get better. Another player who is on the lookout is Cameroon Green. A significant player who has recorded outstanding results and displayed Zeal towards every match he has participated in.

The officials ruled out that he will participate in the pre-season with Western Australia while the rest of the T20 squad will be self-quarantining for another two weeks; as they wait to head to the Afghanistan game in Hobart. In the last season, he played four test matches and recorded 84 innings. On top of that, one of the officials stated that Green is an important player and would be selected for the Ashes Squad. Moreover, he added that Green could take a winter break, conduct training, and put himself together again as he waits for the upcoming games.

Following an elbow problem in 2019, Steve Smith’s chances of performing in the T201 World Cup and Ashes is unpredictable. It is due to a flare-up of the same problem that required surgery. However, the board believes that he will get better and participate in the upcoming matches. Another player who also might miss the T201 match is Cameroon Green. But, as much as he might miss the T20I game, he will have an opportunity to participate in a test against Afghanistan followed by Ashes.

It is a unique thing that other players will miss since they will quarantine for two weeks before heading to Hobart in November. Therefore, for more updates on your favorite player and team, stay tuned!

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