Serving History: An In-depth Look into Horse Racing


The performance sport of horse racing is one of the most popular in the world. It has a loyal fan base across the globe that can rival powerhouse games like football, basketball, boxing, cricket, and field hockey. If you have watched the sport at least once, then you know there’s nothing like 800+ pound beasts fighting it out on a racecourse. There are different types of horse breeds and racing genres involved in horse racing. The training and the sporting rules may vary by country and continent.

The History of Horse Racing in India

In India, horse racing started over 200 years ago. The first racecourse was set up in the year 1777 in Guindy, Chennai. Madras Race Club presides over this course. The iconic racecourse in Maharashtra was founded in the year 1802. The legacy of the sport can be attributed to India’s colonial past under the British. Horse racing offered the sub-continent an unparalleled spectacle with tales of endurance and muscle. The first derby was in 1943. Foreign jockeys first rode the horses and won all the races. This record was broken by Kheem Singh in 1949 when he rode ‘Balam’ to victory.

List of Horse Racing Tracks

India has a total of nine racecourses run by six different race authorities. 

  • Royal Calcutta Turf Club.
  • Bangalore Turf Club.
  • Madras Race Club.
  • Hyderabad Race Club.
  • Mysore Race Club.
  • Delhi Race Club.
  • Royal Western Turf Club. (Conducts the Mahalaxmi Race Course and the Pune Race Course.

Famous Horse Racing Events in India

The top Indian horse racing events can match up to the best races in the world. The major classic races are as follows.

Race Venue  Unique feature
The Indian 1000 Guineas Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai Conducted every December (usually on Saturdays)
The Indian 2000 Guineas Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai Right after The Indian 1000, Guineas
The Indian Oaks Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai Known as the Ladies Derby
The Indian Derby Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai Highest cash prize
The Indian St. Leger Pune Race Course Includes old horses instead of files


Famous Horses, Jockeys, Trainers & Owners

The top two popular horse breeds of Indian origin in the sport are Elusive Pimpernel and Squanderer. The trainer of these two horses, Rashid Byramji, is on the best Indian trainers list. Other top personnel who are horse trainers, jockeys, and owners are as follows.

  • Pesi Shroff
  • S Padmanabhan
  • S.S Attaollahi
  • S M Shah
  • J S Dhariwal
  • Imtiaz Sait
  • S Ganapathy 
  • Dallas Todywalla
  • Ameeta Mehra
  • Khushroo Dhunjiboy
  • Capt. Appoo
  • Shapoor Mistry
  • C Rajendra
  • Karl Umrigar
  • YS Srinath
  • Suraj Narredu
  • M.A.M Ramaswamy
  • The Brar Family
  • Some Maharajas of the past

Famous Indian horses who have made a name for themselves in the international races are Mystical, Saddle Up, Beat It Dude, Southern Regent, Own Opinion, and Astonish.

The Betting Domain

Over the years, horse racing pulled in massive crowds using betting and gambling channels. The top betting sites act as credible platforms for Indian horse racing. The sport’s popularity in the country has paved the way for active betting, especially in all the five major races. The famous horse racing betting method is the tote method, including the jackpot pool.

The Present Scenario

The future of the exciting sport looks promising in India. The present scenario is bright, and both fan engagement and money bets are active in horse racing. 

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