Ross Taylor: World Test Championship Win

It Makes up for the Heartbreak of 2019

In 2019, New Zealand lost against England. This was a significant hit since England won the 2019 ODI World Cup Final after a super-over tie. Ross claimed that during the start of his career, he experienced ups and downs, which almost made him lose hope.

New Zealand middle-order batsman Ross Taylor feels the World Test Championship (WTC) has made up for the heartbreak of the ODI World Cup. Taylor finished the win on the sixth day with a shoveled four off his legs to the midwicket boundary.

After hitting the winning runs, he embraced Williamson, and exchanged glove punches while the New Zealand fans celebrated in the background. The picture of the two walking off the ground together has become popular. Furthermore, the public suggests that it should be used as a statue at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

In a statement, Taylor said that “It was just lovely to have been there. But I think I’ve seen the picture a lot. Many people have sent it to me, and I think the image of Kane and I coming off probably speaks louder than words. The photo says it all, I think. Obviously, we were very happy with what we had achieved, but also, there was a little bit of relief in there, too, that we were finally able to get one across the line. After the heartbreak of 2019, it was nice to be out there and be there with Kane finally and go and celebrate it with a lot of guys – BJ [BJ Watling], Boulty [Trent Boult], Tim [Southee], a lot of guys who have been in this team and experienced a lot of highs and lows over a long period.”

In an interview recently, Taylor admitted that he might have retired if the 2019 finals had turned out according to his expectations. However, when they brought back the question concerning retirement, he claimed that he still had the urge to play since he loves cricket.

After losing in the 2019 ODI World Cup, New Zealand got a significant hit, and Taylor swore to quit the tournament if the finals had not turned out the way he expected. However, due to the win, which covered up the heartbreak of 2019, he changed his mind to continue playing cricket. However, his T20I future is not guaranteed, as he was dropped last summer until he proves his fitness and form from the super slash.

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