Prime Volleyball League will grow fan base for volleyball, says former India captain Jerome Vinith

Image Source: ANI

New Delhi [India], January 12 (ANI): Jerome Vinith, who has been an integral part of some glorious moments with the Indian volleyball team believes that the Prime Volleyball League will change the future of the sport in India.

“The Prime Volleyball League will definitely help in unearthing many talented volleyball players in India. I feel the tournament will change the volleyball circuit in India. The league will build a fan base for volleyball in our country which is the most important thing for the growth of any sport which will also help the players financially,” said Jerome Vinith in a statement.

The 29-year-old from Kottaikadu, Tamil Nadu further added that he is eagerly looking forward to take the court with his Calicut Heroes teammates in the first season of the Prime Volleyball League powered by A23, which begins on February 5, 2022, in Kochi.

“The passion for volleyball in Calicut is really high and therefore I am very excited to play for the Calicut Heroes in PVL 2022. The Calicut volleyball fans know their sport and are very supportive not just towards the sport but also the team and us players that’s why I am always happy to play any tournament in Calicut,” he added.

Coming from a farmer’s family, Jerome has had to work tremendously hard to build a career in volleyball.

When asked about his journey in the sport, he said, “I only started playing volleyball in my college days, I didn’t play the sport while in my school at all. I started playing the sport properly when I went to University at SRM University. Before joining SRM, I was studying in Jamal Mohamed College in Trichy.”

“A coach in my college motivated me to play volleyball at a high level and he also pushed me to join SRM University in 2011, where I also did my Bachelor of Business Administration. I learned all the techniques of volleyball properly at my university,” he added.

Jerome felt that he managed to succeed in his career thanks to his hard work and determination.

“I have dealt with a lot of injuries throughout my career. However, I have overcome all the hurdles in my life through hard work. Wherever I have gone, I have always tried to put in the hard yards and be the number one player,” signed off the volleyball player.

The Prime Volleyball League will feature 24 games and the League will shortly be announcing the fixtures for the upcoming season of action. (ANI)


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