Ollie Pope is injured. He will likely miss the match against India

Ollie Pope is the opening batsman for England and he was supposed to face off the Indian Cricket Team in the India vs England test series 2021 but it seems unlikely. The India vs England 2021 match that is supposed to be held at the Trent Bridge will not witness Pope playing for England against India as he is unlikely to recover from a severe injury to his thigh. As per sources, the injury was sustained by the cricketer when he was playing in the T20 Blast.

A report in the popular news outlet Dailymail stated that the medical team assigned to the cricketer advised him to not partake in the upcoming Test series as a rushed decision like that could cost him his career! In this context, there is still a chance for the formidable player to return later into the series.

The cricketer gave his statement to Sportsmail where he enunciated the above mentioned information in a brief account. The statement also included details about his injury and how his doctors are planning on keeping him under observation.

More details about the player are as follows –

Pope was signed up for Welsh Fire, a team for The Hundred but he is unlikely to sit the game out as the player wants to ensure his place is established in England’s cricket team especially in the middle order. The player has been way out of his form in the last sixteen innings and had also failed to cross the 34 – mark.

On the flipside, team India will be playing against the strong team Select County XI that will consist of practise matches held over a three day period. Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane will not be partaking in these practice sessions as Kohli has been going through a bout of back stiffness since last Monday. He has been advised to take some time off by the medical officials of the BCCI. Rahane has also been advised to steer clear from these practice matches after he came down with a mild swelling in the area surrounding his upper left hamstring. Get all the latest sports news including tennis, cricket, table tennis, olympics and football only on Pure Win News.

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