Mumbai IndiansMI 14 7 7 0
Chennai Super KingsCSK 14 9 5 0
Royal Challengers BangaloreRCB 14 9 5 0
Delhi CapitalsDC 14 10 4 0
Punjab KingsPK 14 6 8 0


Player Innings Runs
Virat Kohli 191 6076
Shikhar Dhawan 183 5577
Suresh Raina 195 5491
Rohit Sharma 202 5480
David Warner 148 5447

Are You Looking to Buy IPL Tickets for RCB Matches in Bangalore?

After the brief hiatus due to the pandemic, the IPL is officially on again. And so is the enthusiasm among the ardent cricket lovers! As much as the hype the Indian Premier Leagues garners, fans have been rushing to buy IPL tickets to watch their favorite teams play.

If you are one of those passionate cricket lovers and are wondering where to purchase those precious tickets, worry no more. We are here to help you! But, before dwelling into the “where” and “how” of buying RCB tickets in Bangalore, let’s have a little glimpse inside your favorite team and the team of your home ground – RCB.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – the Team

Led by India’s captain Virat Kohli, and coached by Simon Katich, RCB, even with their well-rounded team, regrettably, hasn’t been able to lift the trophy in earlier seasons. So, winning this time would make it a first for the team, and imagine the ecstasy of the loyal fan base that has always stuck around and rooted for their team. 

Could RCB Win the IPL Trophy in 2021?

The team has performed exceptionally well, keeping aside the last match where they devastatingly lost to KKR. All their wickets were knocked off within just ten overs. However, that can’t take away from the fact that the team has happily managed to amaze the fans with their overall performance this season.

The squad has some of the most notable players from India and abroad, making the team a strong one. 

What better way to see your favorite team play than right there in the stadium! So hurry and buy IPL tickets to watch the match unfold amidst the cheering crowds.

Well, we are rooting for RCB. An underdog winning is always a fantastic watch, after all!

Know this before purchasing IPL tickets for your favorite team, the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

IPL matches gather a large number of crowds no matter where the game is played. So, for security and safety purposes, you must submit your thumb impression along with a copy of your Aadhaar card before buying IPL tickets. The rule applies to both online and offline outlets. So, make sure you get your Aadhaar copy before you decide to purchase the tickets.

Where to Buy RCB Tickets?

Well, there are various options to get hold of the tickets. If you are looking to buy the tickets in Bangalore from physical outlets, various outlets provide the tickets. So, go grab the RCB tickets before it’s too late! 

You can also directly visit the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore to buy tickets. However, if you want a more feasible option, you can get it from various online stores like BookMyShow, Paytm, and Insider websites. 

So, if you want to watch the IPL matches live, you now know where to get your tickets from. Hurry! You wouldn’t want to miss out. 

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