India Hammered England In the 2nd Test, Thanks To Mohammed Siraj

Even though the India vs. England test match, 2021 started with England winning the first test, the table did turn during the 2nd test. India once again proved themselves that they are still in the game and played brilliantly against the host. India’s lower order has helped India gain victory against the English players, but the one that stood out the most was Mohammed Siraj. There is no doubt that Bumrah, Ishant Sharma, and Shami bowled exceptionally well, but Siraj was on a whole new level.

What Happened During The Final Day Of The 2nd Test?

Things looked way too easy for England because they only had to chase down 272 runs. But the Indian bowlers quickly turned the pressure towards the host, who was once in control during the final days of the India vs. England test match that took place in Lords. When the final day of the match started, India was leading by 154 as Rishabh Pant, along with the bowlers, were left to face the new ball. 

So far, everything looked perfect for England, as their disciplined and relentless attacks, which they fired towards Indian on Sunday, have increased their confidence. But during the ninth wicket, both Bumrah and Shami contributed heavily and could pull up an extra 89 runs on the scoreboard. When it was time for England to bat, things started to go against them when RJ Burns was out for a duck and played only four balls.

Joe Root was able to contribute, and he had a lot of pressure, but he didn’t last much longer. Mohammed Siraj, on the other hand, appeared and swiped off England completely. His brilliant bowling performance helped India gain victory.

Wrapping Up

Mohammed Siraj was excellent on the field, and so were the other bowlers who made sure to obtain victory. India has yet proven itself to be excellent when it comes to testing matches. Check out breaking sports news and headlines from Cricket, CPL, IPL, T20, Football, Badminton, sports coverage, live cricket match score with results and more at Pure Win News.

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