Football News: ‘Football Is Back’ – Jurgen Klopp Celebrates Liverpool Win Over Norwich City.

Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool boss, declared, “Football is back” as his team won the opening match against Norwich City with a score of 3-0 in the Premier League. When asked about the preparation for the league, the coach remarked that they had a few good matches before it. The matches were against Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao. However, the start of the league is another ballgame.

After the onset of COVID-19, this was the first time when fans returned to the stands. Klopp said that it had been difficult for the players to deal with due to the COVID-19 restriction. He also paid tribute to the opposition team. The Norwich City team had a fantastic season but facing Liverpool is a challenging task. In all for the club’s boss, the main aim of the league was to return to the football that had gone amiss during these challenging times.

The players were in good form, but one can never say when the fatigue would catch them. Although the score of 3-0 looks quite comfortable, achieving it has taken a toll on the players many times during the match. Klopp also stated that it is mentally exhausting to deal with the fitness aspect. One day the player is in perfect health, and the other, you see him in extreme pain and medications.

However, the coach remained hopeful and wished for the best fitness for his team. Liverpool is one of the most successful and celebrated clubs in football in the world. With leagues happening again, the statement of the coach is entirely true that football is back. Get all the latest sports news including tennis, cricket, table tennis, olympics and football only on Pure Win News.

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