Arsenal to wear all-white kit for FA Cup tie against Nottingham Forest in support of anti-knife crime campaign

Image Source: ANI

London [UK], January 7 (ANI): Arsenal on Friday revealed that they will be supporting the ‘No More Red’ anti-knife crime campaign by wearing an all-white kit against Nottingham Forest.

As part of the campaign, Arsenal have taken the unprecedented step of replacing their iconic red home shirt with an entirely white kit specially produced by kit suppliers Adidas for the FA Cup tie against Nottingham Forest on Sunday. “The kit will never be commercially available and will only ever be awarded to individuals who are making a positive difference in the community,” Arsenal in a statement said.

There were more than 10,000 knife crime offences in London between June 2020 – June 2021. Last year also saw the highest number of teenage murders in a year in London since records began – most of which involved knife attacks.

No More Red will build on Arsenal in the Community’s work with young people in the capital, as well as providing more safe, positive spaces for young people and spotlighting talented individuals who are making a positive difference in their community.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright said: “Every young person deserves the opportunity to express themselves. The opportunity to exist within a safe environment. The opportunity to live free from fear of violence. We can never accept loss of life through youth violence as ‘normal’ in our city and it’s so important that we all work together to create a better environment for young people.”

“By giving young people more places to play sport, more support, and access to individuals who can inspire them, together we can help make a difference to young people in London,” he added. (ANI)


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