IPL Betting Sites

Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most anticipated cricketing event on the planet. Each year, cricket buffs look forward to having their fill of adrenaline-pumping action that IPL guarantees.

Cricket bettors are also taking a liking for the event. With two months of non-stop cricket, they have a lot to play and win. If you too are a cricket buff, why not monetize your passion?

Like millions of Indians, you too can get involved with IPL betting online and earn handsomely. From strategy to tricks of the trade, here’s everything you require to get started and succeed.

But before dive into that, let’s first know what IPL is all about.

What is IPL?

It’s a T20 cricket league organized by the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) yearly, usually in March and April. The tournament brings together 08 teams that represent 08 prominent Indian cities/states. The title winner gets a cash prize of a whopping INR 200,000,000. IPL has a brand value of a staggering US$6.7 billion, making it the world’s biggest cricket league brand.

Established in 2008, the tournament is played in a Double Round Robin format. Every team plays with all other teams twice, once in its home city and once in the opponent’s home city. For example, Mumbai-based MI will play Bangalore-based RCB once in Mumbai and once in Bangalore. The four teams finishing on the league table qualify for the playoffs that have a knock-out format.

Create a Bankroll:

IPL betting online involves money. You are required to make deposits with the booking website before you start betting. So, first things first, create a bankroll. The money you allot for betting should be 10-15% of your total earnings. The thumb rule is not to bet more than you can afford to lose. Knowing your limits beforehand would help you bet safely and responsibly.

Check Out the Odds:

Odds decide the winning probability and profits you earn on the winning bet. For instance, you wager INR 100 on RCB at the odds of 1.32, your winnings will be INR 132. INR 100 is your bet and INR 32, your profits. Note that, you’ll lose the wagering money on a losing bet, no matter what odds you selected. For higher returns, it’s better to choose a site offering the best odds.

Research Well, Bet Wisely:

Successful bets are backed by research. You need to thoroughly research the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Their team composition, injury concerns, and favourable playing conditions also need to be factored in. Also, going through player stats is a great way to decide who to bet on. Thanks to online resources, all the required information is easily available.

Look into their Performances:

Performance is an indicator of a team’s form and quality. Closely monitor how teams perform at the league stage and choose the team to bet on accordingly. But, don’t overlook the team’s previous year performances as well. In the previous 5 editions, we saw MI winning the trophy thrice. On the other hand, CSK won once and finished second twice while SRH lifted the trophy once and finished as runners-up once. You cannot miss out on such patterns when deciding your bets.

Consider Specialists:

Not all players are suited to T20 cricket. Only a few have the skills and aggression to perform in the shortest format. It’s your job to identify them before placing a wager. The likes of David Warner, KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant, Josh Butler and Sam Curran are worth betting on. Besides proven performers, keep a track of young players as well. On their day, they’ll help you win big.

Root for the Underdog:

Stronger teams are often considered to be safe bets. But cricket is a funny game. At times, even the weaker teams can pull off an upset. If you happen to bet on a weaker team and it wins, you can expect great returns.