IPL 2021: Remaining Top 10 Best Spinners In The Tournament

The IPL 2021 will resume in September 2021, with changes in the hosting country from India to the United Arab Emirates. This tournament suspension occurred in May 2021 due to the Covid-19 outbreak in four significant franchises. However, fans are very excited that the tournament will still happen as they cheer on their favorite spinners and teams. We will look at the top ten spinners in the IPL 2021;

  1. Shahbaz Ahmed; In the five matches he played, he bowled in 3 innings, snapping four wickets. He has an average economy of 6.5.
  2. Harpreet Brar; In the two matches he played, he has four wickets at an economy of 5.43 and a terrific average of 9.5 while playing against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).
  3. 8.Yuzvendra Chahai; Even though he was dropped in the England series by India’s T20, he is still hopeful of making a statement in the IPL 2021 under the RCB. The shifting of the host country to UAE will undoubtedly bring incredible and happy memories as the leg spinner for the RCB as was in IPL 2020.
  4. Ravichandran Ashwin; He might not have been okay during the first half of the IPL 2021 since he had to deal with Covid-19 cases in his family. With the tournament being later on in the year, he will make a comeback as he plays for the Capitals.
  5. Ravindra Jadeja; He is left-handed and can maintain both his line and length. The batsman has to make adjustments to score boundaries against Ravindra. During this season, he has managed six wickets and an economy of 6.71.
  6. Varun Chakravarthy; with an economy of 7.82 this season, he has shown his versatility of spinning. With his handful of variations, he could still make it to India’s national eleven.
  7. Amit Mishra; Despite his age, he continues to excel, having an economy of 7.78 and managed six wickets in 4 matches.
  8. Axar Patel; He overcame Covid-19 and proceeded to deliver a winning match against SRH, with an economy of 7.00
  9. Rahul Chahar: He continues to thrill in all his games, having made the national T20 team in previous years. He is not afraid to spin the ball in the air inviting the batsman for big shots.
  10. Rashid Khan:At only 22 years old, he has managed ten wickets in 7 matches. His average economy is 6.14, which is arguably the best in the season.

In conclusion, the spinners and batsmen make cricket the game it is. It will be much fun to watch these top 10 spinners on the field as we await to see if Rashid Khan will uphold his title as the leading spinner. 

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