ECB Chief Insisted on Leaving Strict ‘bio-bubble’ Norm out of the India Tour of England 2021

The ECB chief Tom Harrison announced much before the start of the India tour of England that they would not adopt bio bubbles.  COVID – 19 Pandemic invaded the lives of the global population and left everyone in despair. In sports, the effect was seen as scheduled games, matches and series were either cancelled or postponed. 

When planning tours and tournaments, boards had to plan for bio bubbles. According to the Chief, players, fans, sponsors and organisers all have to live with the fear of Covid-19. He insisted that instead of putting players under house arrest, it is better to take precautions and caution players on the protocols.

Even Indian skipper Virat Kohli had discussed the struggles of bio-bubble life and urged the organisers to refrain from imposing strict norms over the players. It is evident that the pandemic is taking a toll on everyone but even in these tough times, team India’s form in the currently running test series is commendable – to state the least!

Vaccination drives by governments have helped to stop the spread. To help players and fans enjoy their outing and games, there are no strict bio bubbles at the India vs England Test series. The players have followed strict guidelines and the results of the matches show there is no restriction fatigue. 

The cricket boards are keeping a strict eye on the players. Right now there are rumours that coach Ravi Shastri and captain Virat Kohli attended a crowd event. The Board for Cricket Control of India has raised concerns, and they will investigate the matter before taking action. After all, the pace of the virus spread may have slowed, but the danger still lingers. 

The final test of India Tour of England 2021 is scheduled at Old Trafford from 12-14th September 2021. 

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