Sunil Gavaskar Criticizes The Hundred League: A Replica Of IPL Created By England

Sunil Gavaskar, the all-time cricketing legend, is infamous for talking about the sport without filters. The legend took to his usual unfiltered style to talk about The hundred league, organized by England. He has displayed utter disappointment towards the league upon watching only a few matches. 

Gavaskar’s Thoughts On The Hundred League

The former batsmen said that the only word that came to his mind while attempting to watch the tournament is “insipid.” He pointed out how the coverage of the match was average, with numerous mistakes in player information. The casual approach towards covering the tournament would have generated massive headlines if the game was played in the Indian subcontinent. He took an indirect dig at the English skipper Michael Vaughan for being critical at times. Gavaskar felt that the tournament lacked staunch support from the cricket enthusiasts in the country. 

IPL Vs. The Hundred League

The Indian Premier League has stolen the limelight from the ECB’s T20 Blast, the first tournament following the T20 format. The Hundred League was England’s feeble attempt to regain the nation’s popularity in the cricketing arena. The tournament involved eight teams with both male and female cricketers from around the world. 

The tournament ranged over a month and a half. The format of the game was made even smaller, with only 100 balls per innings. Gavaskar attributed the success of IPL to the tremendous performance of Brendon McCullum in the opening match of IPL way back in 2008. But the opening match of The Hundred League was not even close to the quality of cricket played in India.

Concluding Thoughts

So, we can conclude the Hundred League failed to occupy a space in the hearts of cricket fans all over the world. Follow pure win news and get daily updates for sports news with all latest match live status. 

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