Nepal Beat Papua New Guinea, Nepal won by 2 wickets

After gaining the One Day International (ODI) Status for the first time on 15th March 2018, the Nepal cricket team has always tried to put their best efforts into every match, truly earning the status. The competitions in which the cricket team of Nepal participates become matters of interest to cricket fanatics. 

Just like Nepal, Papua New Guinea also achieved the ODI status in the recent decade, a momentous occasion for the team. After getting the status in the year 2014, the Papua New Guinea team lost it in the year 2018. In the year 2019, the PNG team won their ODI status back.

Now, after learning about the cricket history of both the teams, the matches that take place between them will become fun. Nepal and Papua New Guinea (PNG) are currently facing each other in the two-match ODI series in Oman. It’s worth noting that the Nepal team got the ODI status after winning the first playoff match in the Cricket World Cup Qualifier tournament of 2018.

While the first match of this two-match ODI series already took place on 07th September 2021, the second and the final match will happen on 10th September 2021. Just like the last time (when Nepal and PNG played against each other), Nepal won this time too. 

After winning the toss, the Papua New Guinea team chose to bat first. The team lost all its wickets by the end of 33 overs in the 50-over match. They managed to score a total of 134 runs. So, when it was the turn of the Nepal team to bat, the target was 135 runs. Nepal achieved the target in 39.3 overs and lost 8 wickets in the process. Thus, the Nepal cricket team won the first ODI in the series by 2 wickets. Pure Win News is the ultimate destination for Sports news for fans from around the World. 

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