Minnesota Twins vs Toronto Blue Jays: What Went Down

The Minnesota Twins took on the Toronto Blue Jays in a one-sided game of Major League Baseball this past Saturday. The game was not as tight as everyone thought, even with Bailey Ober and Steven Matz being the respective pitchers for the teams. It was built up to be a hard-fought game for both teams as they both needed the win. But only one was to come out victorious from this battle. It was also a game destined to be Bailey Ober vs. Steven Matz. Both the pitchers have not enjoyed the best of forms and would want to resurrect themselves and their season in this game. Thus, Major League Baseball 2021 throws at us a classic game tonight.

The Final Score

Toronto Blue Jays 2 – Minnesota Twins 7

Game four of the Regular Series proved to be an uphill task for the Blue Jays. The final score reflects the level of dominance that was on display from the Twins. Nick Gordon and Michael Pineda’s brilliant performances helped the Twins secure what can only be said as a comfortable victory. There were no missed opportunities from the Blue Jays front as they left 11 runners on base for their first innings. The game categorically could have been worse for them as left fielder Lourdes Gurriel Jr. looked to have escaped a freak injury. 

The seven-game series is tied at 2-2, with the final three still to be played. The Blue Jays will look to be back as they hope to catch up on New York and Tampa Bay. On the other hand, the Twins will also look to secure their spot in the wild card spots and take a definitive lead in the series. 

How the Standings Look

The Major League Baseball Schedule for this season still has some suitable matches to throw until the end of the season, but we need to look at how the standings are looking. 


Tampa Bay looks to be in a solid position with 99 wins and going strong ahead of New York and Boston. Toronto sees itself in the fourth position with efforts needed to raise the table, especially now that they have fallen behind New York even more. The final few games have set up Major League Baseball 2021 for a classic finish, and it remains to be seen who will take the cake in this side of the league.


As far as the central standings go, things don’t look so good for the Minnesota Twins as they lie in fifth, hoping for a comeback this season. They are 21 wins behind Chicago with a PCT of 0.444. Cleveland. Ohio and Kansas are all ahead of them at the table. Things might soon go downhill for the Twins if they don’t show performances like these over the next few games. However, based on this game, they have no reason to be disappointed and should gain a lot of confidence, especially from the performance of their experienced pitcher, Mike Pineda.

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