Leveling Up To Hundred: How Did Jemimah Rodrigues Do So?

As part of the Indian Women Cricket team and Northern Superchargers, Jemimah Rodrigues explained that she handled all criticism by ignoring them. Rodrigues overcame her difficult times and transformed herself into one of the Hundred’s leading run-scorers right after 80% of the competition games. Jemimah is a solid and robust batsman who can hammer all types of bowlers with her batting style. 

Her Journey Within The Tournament 

Jemimah Rodrigues started within the competition with an unbeaten and scintillating 92 runs out of 43 deliveries. Her powerful knock contains 17 boundaries and 1 six. Along with that, she also scored two back-to-back half-centuries, which are 60 runs out of 41 balls and 57 runs out of 44 balls. This enabled Rodrigues to accumulate 241 runs within 5 innings. She had an excellent batting average of 60.25, along with a strike rate of 154.48. 

How Did She Handle Criticism?  

After her name was placed under The Hundred category, she expressed that she could achieve it by avoiding all the criticism thrown at her. She believes that there is no reason to go online and read every word as it’s difficult when you do your best, and no one gets to see what you have gone through. All the tears, the heartbreak, the “I quit” vibes, and the sweat you have put out where you are currently, Rodrigues said. 

Ending Note 

Jemimah Rodrigues has proven herself to be one of the top run scores and hard-hitters of the Women’s Cricket realm. She has great potential to handle things under pressure and believes that criticism will not help you improve when you want to. She also said that ignoring what the world has to say about you will help you focus on the areas you are lacking and improve them.

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