COVID-19: Klopp expresses hesitancy to sign unvaccinated players for Liverpool

Image Source: ANI

Liverpool [UK], December 19 (ANI): Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has expressed his hesitancy to sign unvaccinated players for the club.

COVID-19 has once again thrown the football calendar off and Premier League is also witnessing a high increase in coronavirus cases and a few matches have also been postponed.

“I think it will be influential, definitely, in who clubs sign. If a player is not vaccinated at all, he is a constant threat for all of us. He doesn’t want to be a threat, it’s not that he thinks ‘I don’t care about the others’, but he is,” quoted Klopp as saying.

“From an organisational point of view, it gets really messy. We’d have to find different scenarios. He has to change in a different dressing room, he has to eat in a different dining room, he has to sit in a different bus, he has to drive in a different car. If you really want to follow the protocols, it is incredibly difficult to do. If we have to travel to a country to play international football and we come back, he has to get self-isolated, all these kinds of things. Of course, it is going to be influential in signing,” he added.

Liverpool is currently in second place in the Premier League standings.

The Reds will next take on Tottenham Hotspur later today in the Premier League. (ANI)


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