BCB Wants to Host the 2025 Champions Trophy

They Will Place Their Bid To Host the Event

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is planning to place a bid to host the 2025 Champion’s Trophy. This news was revealed by the BCB President, Nazmul Hassan, on 15th June 2021

This decision was discussed in the 10th Board meeting of the BCB, and a management committee was set up to fine-tune the process. This team, headed by Nazmul, will include two directors of the BCB, namely Mohammed Jalal Yunus and Ahmed Sajjadul Alam. During this meeting, they also decided to hold the Board’s AGM on 7th July in Dhaka, but it was delayed indefinitely due to COVID concerns.

Nazmul intimated that BCCI plans to play a more active role in the ICC Men’s cricket events’ (2024-2031) host selection process. He acknowledged that Bangladesh might not have the capacity to host the major events independently due to insufficient venues. For example, to hold a T20 World Cup, a country must have over ten world-class stadia to be considered for that honour. Bangladesh falls short of this requirement and is therefore ineligible to host a T20 World Cup on its own. Namzul did not rule out this venture completely, as the BCB may consider consulting some neighbouring countries in efforts of being a co-host. However, the Champion’s trophy, which needs fewer resources, is achievable for Bangladesh; thus, the BCB will concentrate on lobbying to be selected to host it.

He clarified that the BCB’s current position is to bid only for a chance to host the 2025 Champion’s Trophy. Nazmul’s second term at the helm of the BCB is coming to a close this September, and he is widely expected to toss his hat in the ring for another term. The BCB constitution states that once his term expires, BCB must convene elections to fill that post within 45 days. We can only hope that the COVID threat will have diminished to allow the election to occur and ensure continuity in the BCB.

He announced that the BCB is putting the final touches on the National Player Contracts for May –December 2021. He said he could not share any more details as some issues were still being ironed out. The BCB Cricket Operations Board has been requested to incorporate the board’s views as it compiles this list. He, however, confirmed that the board had given the green light to Women’s National Contract for 22 cricketers up to December 2021 with enhanced salaries.

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