Abu Dhabi T10 League: Format, Rules, and everything to know

The only ICC sanctioned 10 overs tournament, the T10, is coming back for another season. The teams look promising, and the action is expected to be thrilling. If you are someone who wants to know the T10 League format and rules, you are at the right place. 

The format: Overs per side, powerplay, and more

The 5th season is set to be played at Abu Dhabi from the 19th of November. The structure is the same as that of any format of cricket. It is half of the conventional T20 matches in almost everything. Each match lasts 90 minutes only, and an inning is expected to be wrapped up in 45 minutes. Do lesser overs mean lesser runs? No. In the 2019 season, 5,989 runs were scored with 800 boundaries. If you have followed it since its inception, you’ll know that the fast-paced game is entertaining throughout. T10 League format and rules have little to do with the action in the game.

The number of Overs:  The name T10 means that both teams will play 10 overs or 60 balls each.

The upper limit for each bowler is 2 overs.  

The Powerplay: Each game will have 3 overs of powerplay. The fielding team will have to restrict the number of fielders outside the circle. 

The first 2 overs will be powerplay overs and a floating powerplay will also be available. This can be taken any time between the 3 to 9 overs.


The number of teams: This season will see 6 teams competing for the T10 title. 


  • Team Abu Dhabi
  • Delhi Bulls
  • Chennai Braves
  • Deccan Gladiators
  • Bangla Tigers
  • Northern Warriors
In case of a tie: There shall be a super over if a qualifier or an eliminator T10 match is tied. 

If the super over in the playoffs is tied, the team that finished on top of the group will qualify.


Brief Fixture: How will this edition flow?

The tournament is fast-paced in terms of its fixtures too. The group stage matches are to begin on the 19th of November, 2021. These will go on till the 2nd of December, after which Qualifier 1, the Eliminator, and Qualifier 2 will be played. The team selection for these will be as follows:

  • Qualifier 1 (1st v 2nd)
  • Eliminator (3rd v 4th)
  • Qualifier 2 (Winner of the Eliminator v Loser of Qualifier 1)

On the 4th of December, the third-place qualifier is scheduled, which will be followed by the Final.

Where can you watch the Abu Dhabi T10 in India?

Once you know the T10 League format and rules, you’ll have the urge to watch it live.

You can catch the action live on  Colors Cineplex HD (English), Colors Cineplex SD (Hindi), and Rishtey Cineplex (Hindi). Live Streaming will even be available on Voot and Jio TV. 

You can also follow sports websites to have a better grip on the game. 

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